Thursday, December 5, 2013

Final Project

This animation shows the logic of the standard node part. It is comprised of a sphere with holes in it. These holes are at the precise angle of the members it joints, and also at the precise OD of the members. This allows the members to simply slide into the node, and become fastened at the correct angles. 

This animation shows the attempt to create a 3 dimensional lattice of these solid parts (members and nodes). The lattice is reused from assignment 7 (a grid of points from the intersection of two fans of lines projected vertically onto a surface-through-point). At this point, a solid member was made, as well as a solid node sphere. These shapes are to be used as power copies.

Difficulties arose. Not least of which being that the logic of power-copies does not lend itself well to the creation of solids in Digital Project. All Solids were required to be the PartBody portion of the tree, which lead to obvious problems, and a very tedious power copying task.

It is desired that the nodes would be output as 3d geometry would could be 3D printed. To this end, the geometry was exported to a .iges file and opened in Rhinoceros 3D. upon opening the file, it was all but unusable. It was fully of glitches, and even when the spheres did render, they were simply spherical without the desired holes.

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